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Korg is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1962. In addition to guitar tuners, Korg manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors, recording equipment and guitar pedals. Korg also manufactures products under the Vox, Blackstar, ARP, HK Audio, Ashdown, Dean Markley, Spector and Lâg Guitar brands.

Korg USA email support | Customer service email

Korg USA support page. See Korg website for contact information for other countries.

316 South Service Road, Melville, N.Y. 11747

Customer service US: +1 (631) 390-6800

Technical support US: +1 (631) 390-8737

Handheld Korg GA Custom

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The Korg GA Custom is the company’s latest upgrade to its GA line of pocket-sized tuners, offering improved detection accuracy and Korg’s eye-catching 3D Visual display — all for a modest price.
Handheld Korg GA-1

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Korg’s GA-1 is a basic, inexpensive and pocket-sized tuner specially designed for guitar and bass. It’s a great, sturdy, no-frills tuner well-suited to beginners.
Handheld Korg GA-40

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The GA-40 has been a staple of Korg’s tuner line-up since 2005. It’s a basic, inexpensive and rugged little unit with a few nice-to-have extra features. Intended for use with guitar and bass only.
Clip-On Korg GripTune

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The GripTune is one of our favorite clip-ons for guitar. It’s incredibly small and lightweight, fits almost invisibly on your headstock, and provides respectable ±1.0 cent detection accuracy.
Handheld Korg GT-120

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Now discontinued, Korg’s GT-120 guitar and bass tuner offers an analog gauge coupled with an LCD display and flat/sharp LED indicators. A great choice for analog needle fans, if you can find it.
Clip-On Korg Headtune

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Korg’s Headtune is a simple, robust clip-on intended for beginners. It’s available in guitar, bass and ukulele variations.
Clip-On Korg Magnetune

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The Magnetune is a small, lightweight and super-simple tuner especially for guitarists. It attaches to your guitar’s strap button or tuning peg enclosure by means of a magnet embedded in the tuner.
Pedal Korg Pitchblack

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The stalwart Pitchblack has served as the basic pedal tuner offering in Korg’s line-up since 2007. And while still a solid choice, the Pitchblack Advance now provides much better accuracy and improved features at about the same price.
Pedal Korg Pitchblack Plus

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Korg’s Pitchblack Plus is underrated gem of a tuner. In addition to its excellent ±0.1 cent accuracy and wide range of tuning options, this tuner offers dual input jacks with each jack accommodating separate tuning settings. Now discontinued, you can often find good deals for the Plus on Reverb.
Pedal Korg Pitchblack Advance

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Korg’s newest guitar tuner, issued in late 2016, features very good ±0.1 cent accuracy and a new circuit designed to reduce signal noise when the pedal is connected to a power supply cable.
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