Manufacturer Peterson Tuners

Peterson Electro-Musical Products is an American company founded by Richard H. Peterson in 1948. The company is based in Alsip, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Additional information is available on the Peterson Electro-Musical Products website. In 1985, Peterson bought the strobotuner division from Conn Instruments and continues to service Conn strobe tuners.


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11601 S. Mayfield Ave., Alsip, Illinois 60803

US: +1 (708) 388-3311

App Peterson iStroboSoft App

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Peterson’s iStrobosoft app is an impressive piece of engineering, offering outstanding accuracy, detection range and calibration options — all in an intuitive and simple-to-use interface.
Pedal Peterson Strobostomp

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Peterson’s made-in-the-USA StroboStomp is a fully-featured beast of a pedal tuner, providing ±0.1 cent detection accuracy, and extra-wide detection and calibration ranges. It’s fully programmable and offers 25 Peterson-designed “Sweetened Tunings” along with many advanced features (like ground lift). It is, however, big and pricey.
Clip-On Peterson Stroboclip HD

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Peterson’s new clip-on is a seriously amazing tuner, with superb accuracy, loads of alternate “sweetened” tunings and a jumbo calibration range. It also has Peterson’s trademarked LCD virtual strobe display.
Handheld Peterson StroboPLUS HD

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Peterson’s StroboPlus HD is a remarkable piece of kit, packed with advanced features and surprisingly easy to use. It’s a superb tuner for guitar techs, hobbyists and serious players.