Boss TU-3s


Boss TU-3s
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Key specs
Detection Accuracy Stream/Cent Mode
Our test: ±2.06 cents COMPARE
(Flat: ±1.92 cents | Sharp: ±2.20 cents)
Manufacturer's specs: ±1.0 cents
Detection Range 16.35-4186.01 Hz (C0-C8) COMPARE
Calibration range 436-445 Hz (In 1-Hertz steps) COMPARE
Responsiveness Not tested COMPARE
Notes: Results shown here are for tests of the comparable Boss TU-3.
Instrument tuning modes Chromatic, 6-, 7-string guitar, 4-, 5- 6-string bass
Transposition options In Chromatic mode: 1-2 semitones flat; In Guitar mode: 1-6 semitones flat; In Bass mode: 1-3 semitones flat
Programmable? No
Memory? Yes
Polyphonic? No
True analog strobe? No
Display type 3-color LED
Display resolution 21 segments (10-/10+)
Optional meter display modes? Yes: Stream or Cent
Bypass mode Buffered
Volume/Boost? No
Mute? No
Power source 9V AC adapter
Battery life N/A
Auto-off/Power save? No
Battery indicator? N/A
DC out? Yes
Power consumption 35 mA max; 95 mA max in high-brightness mode
Enclosure Steel
Dimensions 73 x 84 x 56 mm (2.87 x 3.31 x 2.20 in)
Weight 220 g (8 oz)
Fine print
Warranty 5 year parts, 2 years labor
Release date 2016
Origin Taiwan
Included extras High-brightness mode, Accu-Pitch feature, dual signal outputs, silent switching
Available accessories Boss PSA-120S 9v Power Adapter, Boss PCS-20A Parallel DC Cord
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  Solid, compact design   High-brightness mode   Optional meter modes   Optional tuning modes   5-year warranty
  Cannot be muted   Only one output   Just average detection accuracy


About the Manufacturer

BOSS is a brand name of the Roland Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of musical equipment founded in 1972. In the U.S., Roland is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

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US support web page. See the international Boss site for information for other countries.

5100 S Eastern Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90040

US: +1 (323) 890-3700

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