Korg Pitchblack Poly


Korg Pitchblack Poly (PB-03)
Street price $99.99
Key specs
Detection accuracy ±1.0 cents COMPARE
Detection range 20.60-4186 Hz (E0-C8) COMPARE
Calibration range 436-445 Hz (in 1 Hz steps) COMPARE
Instrument tuning modes Guitar, Drop-D; 4-, 5-, 6-string bass
Transposition options 1-5 semitones flat, 1-7 semitones sharp
Programmable? No
Memory? No
Polyphonic? Yes
True analog strobe? No
Display type 4-color LED
Display resolution 15 segments (7-/7+) and 6x5 matrix
Optional meter modes? Yes: Regular, Strobe, Half-Strobe, Split
Bypass mode(s) True bypass
Volume/Boost? No
Mute? Yes
Power source 9V battery or 9V AC adapter
Battery life 7 hours
Auto-off/Power save? Yes (20 min battery/4 hours AC)
Low battery indicator? No
DC out? Yes
Power consumption 45 mA max
Enclosure Die-cast aluminum
Dimensions 68 × 120 × 47 mm (2.68 x 4.72 x 1.85 in) including feet
Weight 294 g (10.37 oz) including battery
Fine print
Warranty 3 years
Release date 2012
Origin Vietnam
Included extras --
Available accessories 9V AC adapter (KA-181); DC cascade cable
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  Rugged build & materials   Huge, bright LED display   True bypass   Good instrument and flat/sharp tuning options   Three-year warranty   Automatic instrument detection
  Narrow calibration range   Just average detection accuracy


About the Manufacturer

Korg is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1962. In addition to guitar tuners, Korg manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors, recording equipment and guitar pedals. Korg also manufactures products under the Vox, Blackstar, ARP, HK Audio, Ashdown, Dean Markley, Spector and Lâg Guitar brands.

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316 South Service Road, Melville, N.Y. 11747

Customer service US: +1 (631) 390-6800

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