Martin Tuner App


Martin Tuner App
Street price Free - Available for iPhone and Android
Key specs
Detection Accuracy Regular Mode
Our test: ±10.01 centsCOMPARE
Flat: ±10.74 cents | Sharp: ±9.26 cents
Accuracy not specified by manufacturer
Detection Range Detection range not specified by manufacturer COMPARE
Calibration range Cannot be calibratedCOMPARE
Responsiveness Not testedCOMPARE
Instrument tuning modes Chromatic, Guitar Standard, Open G, Open D, Open C, D Modal, Drop D, Low C, All Fourths, New Standard
Transposition options None
Programmable? No
Memory? No
Polyphonic? No
Display type Full color
Display resolution 9 segment (-4/+4)
Optional meter display modes? No
Metronome? No
Tone generator? Yes (limited to notes of standard guitar tuning)
Fine print
Last updated 2016
Included extras Guide to changing strings, video tips on various subjects
Available accessories --
Notes Available for iOS and Android
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About the Manufacturer

C.F. Martin & Co. is a US-based guitar manufacturer founded in 1833. The company's headquarters and primary factory are located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.


Contact page on website

510 Sycamore Street, Nazareth, Pennsylvania 18064

US: +1 888-433-9177, +1 610-759-2837

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