Snark ST-8 Super Tight


Snark ST-8
Street price $12.11
Key specs
Detection accuracy Not specified COMPARE
Detection range Not specified COMPARE
Calibration range 415-466 Hz (in 1 Hz steps) COMPARE
Instrument tuning modes None
Transposition options 1-4 semitones flat
Programmable? No
Memory? ?
Polyphonic? No
Overwinding warning? No
True analog strobe? No
Display type 4-color LCD
Display resolution 11 segments (5+/5-)
Optional meter modes? No
Invertible display? No
Color-changing backlight No
Built-in mic? No
Metronome? Yes, visual + tap tempo
Power source CR2032 lithium battery
Battery life Not specified
Auto-off/Power save? Yes (~2 min)
Low battery indicator? ?
Enclosure Plastic
Dimensions Not specified
Weight Not specified
Fine print
Warranty 1 year
Release date 2016
Origin China
Included extras  
Available accessories  
Notes Replaces the Snark SN-8. Documentation includes this warning: "DO NOT USE ON ANY GIBSON® GUITAR OR GUITAR WITH NITROCELLULOSE FINISH. SNARK advises NOT to use its tuner with any instruments having these types of finishes: Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Polyurethane, French Polish, Oil Finish or Gibson® guitars which have nitrocellulose finishes, unless you accept the risk of dents to the headstock."
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About the Manufacturer

Snark Tuners is a brand of the Evets Corp., an import/export company owned by Steve Ridinger and based in Camarillo, California. Evets is also the current owner of the Danelectro and Honeytone Amp brands.



1161 Calle Suerte, Ste D, Camarillo, CA 93012

US: +1 (805) 389-4605 or +1 (805) 361-2100

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