DS: Korg TM-50TR

Korg TM-50TR
Street price $54.99
Instrument tuning modes None
Transposition options None
Programmable? No
Memory restore? Yes
Polyphonic? No
True analog strobe? No
Display type 4-color LCD + 2-color LEDs
Display resolution 31 segments (15-/15+)
Optional meter modes? No
Headphone jack? Yes
Built-in mic? Yes
Metronome? Yes (30-252 bpm) with tap tempo. Metronome emits audible beeps. Tap temp button also flashes in tempo.
Tone generator? Yes (130.81-1046.5 Hz) (C3-C6)
Power source AAA battery x2
Battery life 24 hours
Auto-off/Power save? Yes (~20 min)
Low battery indicator? Yes
Enclosure Plastic
Dimensions 111 x 82 x 18 mm (4.37 x 3.23 x 0.71 in)
Weight 108 g / 3.81 oz (including batteries)
Fine print
Warranty 3 years
Release date 2016
Origin Vietnam
Included extras Volume control, “Sound Out” function, “Sound Back” function, periodic metronome function, 15 rhythm variations, 3 tempo settings, built-in flip-out stand, rubberized buttons. Tuner and metronome can be turned on and off independently.
Available accessories Korg CM-200 Contact Microphone — Buy on Amazon ($12.49)
Notes Available in black and silver
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