DS: Peterson StroboPLUS HD

Peterson StroboPLUS HD
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Key specs
Detection Accuracy Strobe Mode
Our test: Better than ±0.1 centsCOMPARE
Manufacturer’s specs: ±0.1 cents
Detection range 16.35-7302 Hz (C0-A8+)COMPARE
Calibration range 390-490 Hz (In 1-Hertz steps)COMPARE
Instrument tuning modes Yes – 90 alternate tuning modes
Transposition options Choice of 12
Programmable? Yes
Memory? Yes
Polyphonic? No
Display type Backlit monochrome LCD
Display resolution 512 segments (256 per row)
Optional meter modes? Yes: Strobe tune, Pitch tune
USB? Yes
Headphone jack? No
Built-in mic? Yes
Metronome? Available as an upgrade. Audible, visual, vibrating + tap tempo
Tone generator? Yes
Power source Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Battery life Variable
Auto-off/Power save? Yes (10 min)
Battery indicator? Yes
Enclosure Plastic, rubberized plastic
Dimensions 133 x 108 x 38 mm (5.25 x 4.25 x 1.5 in)
Weight 300 g (10.56 oz)
Fine print
Warranty 1 year
Release date 2013
Made in China
Included extras Micro USB cable, tripod mount, kick stand
Available accessories USB AC Adapter/Charger
StroboPLUS HD Metronome Upgrade
StroboPlus HD Pitch Holder Assembly
Swivel Mount for StroboPlus HD
Pitch Holder™ mounting bracket
BodyBeat Vibe Clip
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