DS: TC Electronic PolyTune 3

TC Electronic PolyTune 3
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Key specs
Detection Accuracy Needle Mode
Our test: ±3.51 centsCOMPARE
Flat: ±3.10 cents | Sharp: ±3.92 cents
Manufacturer’s specs: ±0.5 cents
Strobe Mode
Our test: Within mfr’s spec of ±0.02 centsCOMPARE
Manufacturer’s specs: ±0.02 cents
Polyphonic Mode
Our test: ±5.63 centsCOMPARE
Flat: ±3.10 cents | Sharp: ±5.59 cents
Detection accuracy in Polyphonic mode is not specified by manufacturer
Detection Range 27.50-4186.01 Hz (A0-C8)COMPARE
Calibration range 435-445 Hz (In 1-Hertz steps)COMPARE
Responsiveness Not testedCOMPARE
Instrument tuning modes? Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Drop-D
Transposition options 1-5 semitones flat, 1-7 semitones capo
Programmable? No
Memory? Yes
Polyphonic? Yes
Display type 2-color LED (green and red)
Display resolution 17 segments (8-/8+) x5 matrix
Optional meter modes? Yes (Guitar Needle, Guitar Strobe, Bass Needle, Bass Strobe, Polyphonic)
Bypass modes True or buffered bypass (uses TCE’s all analog “Bonafide Buffer” circuit)
Volume/Boost? No
Mute? Yes
USB? Yes (mini)
Power source 9V battery or 9V AC adapter
Battery life Not specified
Auto-off/Power save? No
Low battery indicator? No
DC out? Yes (provides up to 2A to daisy-chained pedals)
Power consumption 45 mA
Enclosure Die-cast aluminum
Dimensions 72 x 122 x 50 mm ( 2.8 x 4.8 x 2.0 in)
Weight 260 g (9.17 oz)
Fine print
Warranty TC Electronic’s 3-year warranty applies only if the product is registered online within 90 days of date of purchase. If you fail to register within 90 days, the term of warranty is 1 year. Foot switches are warranted for only 90 days. Digital displays/meters are warranted for only 1 year. Purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase. The warranty covers only the original buyer.
Release date May 2017
Origin Thailand
Included extras Power supply, ambient light sensor, 3M hook-and-loop pads, “Tuner Magnet” feature in Needle Mode
Recommended accessories Truetone 1 Spot 9V Adapter ($15.90 at Amazon) or Boss PSA120 9V Adapter ($26.99)
Notes For a DC power supply, TC Electronic specifies a standard 9V DC center-pin negative providing 45 mA
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