DS: TC Electronic PolyTune Clip

TC Electronic PolyTune Clip
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Key specs
Detection Accuracy Needle Mode
Our test: COMPARE

Manufacturer’s specs: ±0.5 cents
Strobe Mode
Our test: COMPARE
Manufacturer’s specs: ±0.02 cents
Polyphonic Mode
Our test: COMPARE

Detection accuracy in Polyphonic mode is not specified by manufacturer
Detection Range 27.50-4186.01 Hz (A0-C8)COMPARE
Calibration range 435-445 Hz (In 1-Hertz steps)COMPARE
Responsiveness Not testedCOMPARE
Instrument tuning modes? Chromatic, Guitar, Bass
Transposition options 1-5 semitones flat, 1-7 semitones capo
Programmable? No
Memory? Yes
Polyphonic? Yes
Display type 2-color LED (red and green)
Display resolution 17 segments (8-/8+) x5 matrix
Optional meter modes? Yes (Guitar Needle, Guitar Strobe, Bass Needle, Bass Strobe, Polyphonic)
Built-in mic? No
Visual metronome? No
Power source CR2032 lithium battery
Battery life 18 hours
Auto-off/Power save? Yes (~3 min)
Low battery indicator? No
Enclosure Plastic with Stainless steel clip
Dimensions 25 x 60 x 28 mm (0.98 x 2.36 x 1.1 in)
Weight 32 g (1.13 oz) including battery
Fine print
Warranty 2 years
Release date 2015
Origin Thailand
Included extras Self-orienting display
Recommended batteries Energizer CR2032 lithium batteries (2-count) — Buy on Amazon ($3.21)
Available accessories
Notes Available in white and black
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