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Clip-On Boss TU-01

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Boss’ entry-level clip-on is a high-quality, rugged, no-frills tuner, with respectable ±1.0 cent detection accuracy.
Clip-On D'Addario Eclipse

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D’Addario’s latest clip-on tuner is well-designed, has a nice, bright display, a solid-looking clip and can be calibrated across a 20 Hz range. But its ±3.0 cent accuracy and minimal documentation is disappointing.
Clip-On DeltaLab CT-30

DeltaLab’s CT-30 is the color upgrade to the CT-10, offering a color LCD display, visual, tap-tempo metronome and transposition options. We also like its slimline clip and flexible swivel arm.
Clip-On Kliq UberTuner

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The UberTuner offers a large crisp, colorful display along with robust calibration and transposition options and instrument-specific tunings. Kliq also provides a three-year warranty.
Clip-On Korg PitchHawk-G

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Korg’s durable PitchHawk-G offers a sharp monochrome display and buttons on the front for simple operation. While detection accuracy is somewhat unimpressive at ±1.0 cent, the tuner has a wide detection range (F#0 to B6), and offers basic calibration and transposition options.
Clip-On Korg PitchHawk-G2

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The Korg PitchHawk-G2 offers a color LCD display and slim, simple screen. Buttons are located on the back. It’s a nice tuner, but we prefer the newer, more accurate PitchCrow-G.
Pedal Peterson Strobostomp

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Peterson’s made-in-the-USA StroboStomp is a fully-featured beast of a pedal tuner, providing ±0.1 cent detection accuracy, and extra-wide detection and calibration ranges. It’s fully programmable and offers 25 Peterson-designed “Sweetened Tunings” along with many advanced features (like ground lift). It is, however, big and pricey.
Clip-On Reverb LT-21

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Sure, Reverb’s LT-21 is a cheap, mass-manufactured clip-on tuner. But at least it doesn’t pretend to be more. And priced at $4 with free shipping, it’s hard to go wrong.
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