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Inactive Behringer BTR2000

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Behringer’s rack-mount tuner offers lots of features, including built-in metronome, mic and rack light — all in a slim, lightweight package.
Pedal Behringer TU300

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Yes, the Behringer TU300 is the poor man’s Boss TU-2 — a plastic simulacrum of the legendary Boss tuner at 1/4 the cost. But that’s okay. What bugs us is that Behringer doesn’t specify the tuner’s detection accuracy or range. You deserve better.
Pedal Boss TU-2

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The legendary Boss TU-2 is the first great pedal guitar tuner — an almost indestructible piece of engineering matched with the Boss’s fabled buffer circuit. And while its ±3.0 cent accuracy represented the state-of-the-art in 1998, you’ll probably want a more accurate tuner.
Pedal Boss TU-3

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The TU-3 offers improved detection accuracy over the TU-2 (±-1.0 cent vs. ±3.0 cents), a higher-resolution display, high-brightness mode, and additional transposition and calibration options. Form, materials and build quality are exactly the same.
Pedal (Mini) Boss TU-3s

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The compact Boss TU-3s offers the same specs (and some of the same functionality) as the full-sized TU-3 in a compact, always-on version, but the lack of mute functionality may be a deal-killer for some.
Pedal Boss TU-3w

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The Waza Craft version of the TU-3 adds a true bypass circuit as an option to Boss’s traditional buffered bypass, along with an awesome black paint job and cool blue LEDs. Otherwise, it’s identical to the TU-3.
Pedal Korg Pitchblack Portable

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Korg’s Pitchblack Portable is a strange but awesome piece of gear – a sort of hybrid pedal/console tuner with superb ±0.1 cent accuracy (±1.0 cent in polyphonic mode). Its lack of a footswitch for the mute function makes it a better choice for the workbench than the pedalboard.
Inactive Korg Pitchblack Pro

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Korg’s rackmount tuner delivers a bright, eye-catching “3D Visual” display, three useful meter modes and decent tuning specs — all for under $100. But is its all-plastic casing is deal-breaker?
Pedal T-Rex TuneMaster

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T-Rex’s TuneMaster offers both true bypass and an adjustable buffer providing up to 10db of volume boost knob. Detection accuracy is an impressive ±0.5 cents and the build is rock solid.
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