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Pedal Joyo JF-18R Power Tune

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In an appeal to the two-for-one shopper, Joyo’s JF-18R adds eight 9V DC outputs to a fairly basic tuner with decent specs. Forget about calibration and other features you’d expect from an ordinary tuner at this price.
Pedal (Mini) Joyo JF-326 Irontune

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Joyo’s mini tuner is very small (only Hotone’s Skyline Tuner is smaller), solid and basic. It offers excellent detection accuracy, true bypass and a somewhat useless flip-top lid.
Pedal Joyo JT-305

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Contrary to Internet lore, Joyo’s JT-305 is not a clone of or identical to Korg’s Pitchblack tuner. And while they are quite similar, the Pitchblack offers better low-end note detection and a three-year warranty.