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Inactive Behringer BTR2000

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Behringer’s rack-mount tuner offers lots of features, including built-in metronome, mic and rack light — all in a slim, lightweight package.
Handheld Boss TU-30

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The TU-30 is Boss’ compact successor to the popular (and discontinued) TU-80, offering solid specs and numerous features including a built-in mic, metronome and beeping “Accu-Pitch” function. It lacks, however, an output jack.
Clip-On D'Addario NS Micro

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D’Addario’s NS Micro is a well-designed and solidly built low-profile clip-on tuner. But poor detection accuracy and unspecified detection range leave us unimpressed.
Clip-On DeltaLab CT-30

DeltaLab’s CT-30 is the color upgrade to the CT-10, offering a color LCD display, visual, tap-tempo metronome and transposition options. We also like its slimline clip and flexible swivel arm.
Handheld DeltaLab CTM-40

DeltaLab’s CTM-40 is Guitar Center’s answer to the Boss TU-30, though slightly larger and with a wider calibration range. Available only at Guitar Center.
Handheld Kliq MetroPitch

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The MetroPitch is solid contender in the pocket-sized tuner/metronome category, offering a jog-wheel and 1/8-inch headphone jack, along with a wide calibration range.
Handheld Korg TM-50TR

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The TM-TR50 is a decent tuner, but is primarily aimed at woodwind, brass and string players looking to improve the quality of their playing.
Clip-On Snark SN-1

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The familiar blue Snark SN-1 has been around since at least 2010. It’s got a sharp, colorful LCD display, but we’re wary of frequent reports of quality and durability issues.
Clip-On Snark SN-1X

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Snark released the blue SN-1X in 2016 as an update to the SN-1, claiming a faster processing chip and high-definition screen — although we prefer the display on the SN-1.
Clip-On Snark Super Tight ST-2

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The red ST-2 is Snark’s “Super Tight®” 2016 update to the all-instrument SN-2, promising a “faster chip” and “more accuracy” than previous versions. Its precision is difficult to quantify, however, since Snark does not publish accuracy specs.
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