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Clip-On Boss TU-01

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Boss’ entry-level clip-on is a high-quality, rugged, no-frills tuner, with respectable ±1.0 cent detection accuracy.
Inactive Boss TU-10

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The TU-10 offers some nice features in this sturdy clip-on tuner, including calibration and transposition capabilities, along with Boss’ popular “Accu-Pitch” feature.
Handheld Boss TU-30

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The TU-30 is Boss’ compact successor to the popular (and discontinued) TU-80, offering solid specs and numerous features including a built-in mic, metronome and beeping “Accu-Pitch” function. It lacks, however, an output jack.
Clip-On DeltaLab CT-10

DeltaLab’s basic clip-on tuner offers a monochrome LCD display with a color-changing backlight. The slim clip and swivel-head make it easy to attach and adjust.
Handheld DeltaLab CTM-40

DeltaLab’s CTM-40 is Guitar Center’s answer to the Boss TU-30, though slightly larger and with a wider calibration range. Available only at Guitar Center.
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