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Pedal Behringer TU300

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Yes, the Behringer TU300 is the poor man’s Boss TU-2 — a plastic simulacrum of the legendary Boss tuner at 1/4 the cost. But that’s okay. What bugs us is that Behringer doesn’t specify the tuner’s detection accuracy or range. You deserve better.
Clip-On D'Addario Eclipse

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D’Addario’s latest clip-on tuner is well-designed, has a nice, bright display, a solid-looking clip and can be calibrated across a 20 Hz range. But its ±3.0 cent accuracy and minimal documentation is disappointing.
App Fender Tune App

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Fender’s free app sports a clean, modern design and lots of alternate tunings, but the tuner’s essential feature — its tuning meter display — is slow, jumpy and often frustrating to use.
App Martin Tuner App

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Less of a functional tuner than a descent into a skeuomorphic steampunk nightmare. Martin customers — presumably serious guitarists — deserve better than this.
Pedal Nux PT-6

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The Nux PT-6 offers good looks, decent specs and basic functionality for a low price. It’s a good option for beginners who want a basic pedal tuner.
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