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Inactive Behringer BTR2000

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Behringer’s rack-mount tuner offers lots of features, including built-in metronome, mic and rack light — all in a slim, lightweight package.
Handheld Boss TU-12EX

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For those looking for a well-made, compact handheld tuner with an analog needle gauge, Boss’ TU-12EX is a solid, if rather pricey, choice.
Handheld Boss TU-30

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The TU-30 is Boss’ compact successor to the popular (and discontinued) TU-80, offering solid specs and numerous features including a built-in mic, metronome and beeping “Accu-Pitch” function. It lacks, however, an output jack.
App Fender Tune App

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Fender’s free app sports a clean, modern design and lots of alternate tunings, but the tuner’s essential feature — its tuning meter display — is slow, jumpy and often frustrating to use.
Handheld Kliq MetroPitch

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The MetroPitch is solid contender in the pocket-sized tuner/metronome category, offering a jog-wheel and 1/8-inch headphone jack, along with a wide calibration range.
Handheld Korg GA-1

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Korg’s GA-1 is a basic, inexpensive and pocket-sized tuner specially designed for guitar and bass. It’s a great, sturdy, no-frills tuner well-suited to beginners.
Handheld Korg GA-40

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The GA-40 has been a staple of Korg’s tuner line-up since 2005. It’s a basic, inexpensive and rugged little unit with a few nice-to-have extra features. Intended for use with guitar and bass only.
Handheld Korg GT-120

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Now discontinued, Korg’s GT-120 guitar and bass tuner offers an analog gauge coupled with an LCD display and flat/sharp LED indicators. A great choice for analog needle fans, if you can find it.
Handheld Korg TM-50TR

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The TM-TR50 is a decent tuner, but is primarily aimed at woodwind, brass and string players looking to improve the quality of their playing.
App Martin Tuner App

Less of a functional tuner than a descent into a skeuomorphic steampunk nightmare. Martin customers — presumably serious guitarists — deserve better than this.
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