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Pedal Boss TU-3w

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The Waza Craft version of the TU-3 adds a true bypass circuit as an option to Boss’s traditional buffered bypass, along with an awesome black paint job and cool blue LEDs. Otherwise, it’s identical to the TU-3.
Pedal Carl Martin Tuner

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The Carl Martin is a rugged beast of a tuner, with ±1.0 cent detection accuracy, super-simple controls, and a large, easy to see display. It’s basic and built to last.
Pedal DigiTech HardWire HT-6

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Digitech’s Hardwire HT-6 is a stupendous and highly-underrated tuner – and our favorite polyphonic tuner. It’s fast, bright and allows for seamless switching between single-string and polyphonic modes. Plus, it offers ±1.0 cent accuracy in polyphonic mode – something even the TCE PolyTune can’t claim.
Inactive Donner DT Deluxe

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Donner’s DT Deluxe competes with several other apparently identical Chinese-made mini tuners — at a pretty good price.
Pedal Fender FTN-1

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The Fender FTN-1 is a pretty average LED pedal tuner, offering ±1.0 cent detection accuracy and true bypass. But there are better tuners out there in this price range.
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